The world wants you to think that you are unfinished until you obtain the next “thing”. Its always another item you need in order to be done, according to the world.

PhDs need specific certifications in order to get specific jobs. There is always a bigger home to obtain. There is always a bigger car to obtain. There is always a newer cell phone to get.

The world tells us that there is always something else you need in order to be complete. The lies of the enemy will have us continuing to search for the newest, biggest, shiniest “thing” to obtain so that we can say that we have arrived. Let’s stop falling for the lies and schemes of the enemy! He will have us chasing after the wind when Christ tells us that He is all we need. The Word says so:

Yes, pursue those goals. Yes, go after that certification. Yes, get that bigger home for your growing family. However, do it because you are complete in Christ, not because you are searching for completion. The Father knows that you are perfect in Him. The Father knows that nothing on this Earth will make you whole but Him as He is our Creator.

A husband is wonderful. Kids are lovely. New jobs are pretty cool. But nothing compares to God! Nothing compares to being content with where He has you. Nothing compares to His peace. The Author and the Finisher of your faith, the One who knows the number of hairs on your head-He is the only One who can complete you and make you whole. He is the One to pursue and He will lead you to those God-directed goals.

You are complete in Him, sis!

Peace and Blessings

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