Their Eyes Are Watching God…

There are moments when our eyes can be our greatest liability. We can get incredibly distracted by what we see-limitations and obstacles can deter us from pursuing that which the Lord has willed for us. We will unfortunately pursue that which we deem pretty or attractive and that may be the very thing that will draw us away from the Lord.

And there are moments when our eyes can be our greatest asset. The Word of God highlights this moment beautifully:

The children of Israel, by the way of Jehoshaphat, knew that they had to take their eyes off of the upcoming battle and they had to look to the Lord! And the benefit was priceless! The prophet was able to encourage the people and they were successful in defeating the three armies headed towards them. They didn’t have to fight, they simply had to trust in the Lord, their God.

Eyes, in this regard, was more than the physical eye. Their heart, their very posture, had to turn toward the Lord! The battle coming was too much to bear and they knew that in this moment, their eyes could either be a liability or an asset. They chose to use their eyes as an asset.

Our eyes must be watching God! The mountain is too massive and the hurdle is too high. With your natural eye, you will be discouraged and experience defeat. Oh but with your supernatural eye, with that posture that you can do ALL things through Christ- you will scale that mountain and hop over that hurdle! Surrender that obstacle to the Lord, set your eyes on Him, and watch Him work it all for His glory and your good!

Are your eyes watching God?

Peace and Blessings

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