I Got the Power!

Disclaimer: I’ve missed you all! My household came down with pneumonia, me included! We had to get better before I could come back here. To God be the glory, He’s a healer and we are all doing well! Pastor Tanya Coles


The Word of God tells us that we got the power! However, many believers do not operate with the power of God. How many times have we fallen victims to our circumstances? How many times have we let the massive nature of our mountains deter us from our intended goals? But we have the power! We have the power to overcome! We have the power to move those mountains!

So how do we tap into this power? Consider this quote: Spiritual authority is rooted in the knowledge of God. Tony Evans

We have the power because we know the Source of our power: God through Jesus Christ! The intimacy with our Lord will fuel us. The relationship with God cements our knowledge of His promises helps us remember that we have authority of what He accomplished through Jesus Christ. The Word of God exhorts believers to be knowledgeable of the Lord, our God:

Our good, good Father knows that He is our Source! Not only for health and wealth, but He is the Source of the power that lives within us! We have a Father who did not leave us alone and without resources to overcome, quite the contrary! He gave us the tool to be like Him, that is Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

You have the power! You have the authority! You are an overcomer! How? By knowing the Lord, by loving the Lord, and by growing in Him! Our power comes from intimacy with our Creator!

When we grow, we able to go! Scream at the top of your lungs: “I got the power through God to overcome!” Now go forth and climb that mountain, you can do it, friend! The Lord gave YOU the power through Jesus Christ!

Peace and Blessings

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