Hide and Seek…

What a fun game! When the seeker hits 10, they are coming to find you. It is the goal to find all those whom are hiding and the true winner of the game is the one who cannot be found. How well are you able to hide? That is the mission of the one hiding. While we are hiding, our ears are more attuned to who is coming. While hiding, we are more alert and watchful so that we are not caught.

In this world that is full of attention seekers, we may struggle to see the benefits of being unseen. We may wonder why we aren’t seen. We may feel like we are missing out. We feel like no one cares for us, so far from the truth! Sometimes God hides us for our protection. Sometimes we are hidden for developing purpose. Sometimes He hides us, so that we can seek Him.

And let’s be clear: This is true in being hidden in Christ, not hiding FROM God! We are not talking about Adam and Eve being ashamed of their nakedness in Genesis 3 and hiding from God in the garden. As believers in the Lord’s sovereignty, we should want to be hidden in God through Jesus Christ!

Think about it, hiding heightens your hearing and strengthen your vision. In Christ, we hide so that we seek Him out the more. We hide so that we can hear His songs. We hide so we can seek. Being hidden in God helps eliminates the distractions and the noise. Being hidden IN God is all about us surrendering to His will and His way. Being hidden in God through Jesus Christ gives Him the room to increase while we decrease. Being hidden in God draws others nearer to Him.

Let’s be intentional about hiding in the Lord so that we can seek Him out.

Peace and Blessings

4 thoughts on “Hide and Seek…

  1. More and more it seems that the ability to wait on the Lord in silence and stillness is becoming a lost art. Technology can be a great thing but I’m afraid that we are more often hidden away in social media than the presence of God. I’ve had to confront this recently in my own life. If I really want to seek the Lord and walk with Him in intimacy, distractions need to be dealt with. Otherwise the seeking is half hearted and mostly ineffective.

    I feel like I took a tangent with this comment. 😊

    God bless you!!

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