How Long, Lord?

Have you ever felt that the Lord didn’t hear your prayer request? You pray, day and night, pleading your cause to the Lord. You may begin to wonder if He is hearing you. And you may say:

How long, Lord?! How long do I have to pray? How long do I have to cry out? How long do I have to be burdened with this cause?

The simplicity of the Lord is amazing. Sometimes He will take chapter after chapter to communicate His point, other times, it’s a simple phrase. How long do we pray? The answer is here:

It’s communicated in different ways: never stop praying, pray continually, pray without ceasing

No matter your language, the Lord makes it crystal clear. We never stop praying. We never stop going before the Lord. The Lord hears you loud and clear, but are we really hearing Him?!

The beauty of prayer isn’t for Him. He knows the end from our beginning. He knows the matters of our heart. He knows the words we want to speak before we say them. Prayer helps us attune our ears, eyes, and heart towards the Savior. Prayer connects us to Him. We won’t ever stop praying!

Prayer is for us! Praying strengthens our faith. Prayer isn’t just for us to give the Lord our laundry list of cares. Oh He absolutely cares about all of our concerns but He cares for us even more. Every single concern will pass away but He will not and our spirit man will not.

So pray always. Pray without ceasing. Pray continually. Not with disbelief or discouragement but with boldness and confidence. Never stop praying because you know the Lord hears you. And when He answers, keep on praying some more!

He hears them all-the loud prayers, the silent ones, the tear filled prayers, the whispered prayer, the one liners, the song filled ones-He hears them all!

So how long? How long do we pray? There is a one word answer: Always.

Peace and Blessings

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