Rejoice Always…

This concept can be foreign to many people during this day and time. What, some people may ask, do we have to rejoice over? The pandemic is happening, many people are out of work, it’s difficult to spend time with family during this time, and many people are experiencing economic problems in this season.

And yet, the scripture tells us to rejoice always (see Philippians 4:4). It can be a little challenging, depending on the situation. However, the command still stands: rejoice always. So what do we have to rejoice over? Let’s look to the Word of God:

We rejoice because we are clothed in garments of salvation. We rejoice because we are covered with a robe of righteousness. Salvation and righteousness are our portion in Christ and this is why we always rejoice.

We do not rejoice in our circumstances that are forever changing. We do not rejoice in our health that is always fleeting. We do not rejoice in a full bank account. Our rejoicing is for the Lord alone and what He has done for us.

Salvation leads us to Him. Righteousness is the right position for us as we live for the Lord. Our soul is most complete in Jesus. This is why we rejoice.

Maybe your holiday plans fell through. Maybe you have to celebrate without that beloved family member. Maybe your hours aren’t as plentiful due to restrictions associated with COVID. Friend, we still must rejoice. As hard as it may be, as challenging as it may feel-we must rejoice. We must rejoice in the Lord alone.

May we make this exhortation our posture forever: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.” Philippians 4:4

Peace and Blessings

2 thoughts on “Rejoice Always…

  1. Love this! I especially love how the Holy Spirit gets the same word out through different blogs. He is amazing! I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I have written a blog with the first word being in order as in our ABC’S It started right after my blog, the ABC’s in Scripture. Tomorrow is Quick, Friday is Righteous and so on… It was rather fun. My point is that God in all His sovereignty had me to write the titles in advance and every day I usually like to have a few prepared for the upcoming days. God has been so faithful to me to allow that to happen.
    The following is the second paragraph in the upcoming blog titled Righteous.
    On our own, we are not righteous but through the blood of Christ we become righteous. (Isaiah 61:10) God made Him who knew no sin to become our substitute. (2 Corinthians 5:21) So that all of the bad things we have ever done were redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ spilled at Calvary. Jesus is the hope for all humanity. Once we accept Him as Lord of our lives, we become righteous. (Matthew 5:6) Not on our own but this is a gift from God. Not by works, so that none can boast. (James 2:8-9)
    Isn’t it just like God to do what only He can do at all times through hearts completely yielded to Him?! Glory to God. Our Father is awesome! Be blessed sister. I thank Jesus for your blogs ❤

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