Distraction or Discernment?

Do you know the difference? Picture this: You are headed to a destination and you see a store and suddenly remember that you need bread and milk so you stop now as oppose to later. You get your items and head on your way. Later on, you hear of an accident right around the time you were stopped at the store for bread and milk.

Such a simple example that has lasting implications. Was it discernment that sent you in a different direction or did you simply get distracted?

Discernment draws you closer to God. Discernment draws you closer to your purpose. Discernment prevents unnecessary pain. A distraction takes you further away from what you are trying to accomplish. A distraction moves you further away from God.

We must be able to know the voice of our God. That voice leads and guides us. That voice is the one thing that matters above all the noise of this world. If we are His, we know His voice:

And if you are familiar with the Father’s voice, you have discernment. You won’t fall for every distraction. And that takes training. Learning the difference between distraction and discernment takes time and much prayer. Discernment requires study and focus. Discernment requires submission.

We have to examine ourselves, examine what and whom we are listening to, and examine the direction of the voice that is before us. Does it take us to the Father? Does that voice lead us to follow Him? Does that voice lead us to safety?

We all get distracted but thank God for His grace that extends forgiveness and His mercy that keeps us covered. That distraction isn’t our end! The gift of discernment tells us to turn away and walk towards our Father.

May we all seek after and pursue with all passion the gift of discernment so that we can cling even more to our Father.

Peace and Blessings

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