The Power of Agreement…

God’s Word requires agreement. In order for His Word to become living and active in our lives, we must first agree with what He said. This is more than the immediate good feeling we get when we first encounter His Word.

Our spirit tends to leap as we read certain scriptures and it should! Once we become believers of God through Christ Jesus, our spirit should respond to the words of our Father! But it cannot stop there. We want to be sure that we plant that seed into good ground. So we agree. We agree when the world is showing us something different. We agree when our children and loved ones are acting crazy. We agree when the enemy is telling us we should not.

Are you believing God to be the Healer? If so, you have to agree with Him when He says you are healed. Are you believing God when He says that He will never leave nor forsake you? You have to agree with His word that says so!

Our agreement is demonstrated in word and deed. Our agreement is reflected in our unwavering trust. Our agreement is indicated as we end our prayers with “Amen”. Our agreement is a step in having a living and active faith.

Let us agree with our Father! Let’s agree what His Word, with His actions, and with His plan and will for our lives!

And the people of God say: Amen!

Peace and Blessings

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