Now Faith!

Faith is present, active, living and breathing. Faith is not a “thing of the past” or a one and done type of thinking pattern. Faith is a choice and faith is required every day.

Now faith is a position that believers must take at all times. No matter your current state or current level of functioning. Now faith is something that must be declared every moment of every day. Not only in word but in deed:

Now faith is what we need to destroy the yoke of the enemy! Now faith is what we need to bind the demonic spirits that try to keep us bound! Now faith is what we need to remain confident in the faithfulness of Christ! Now faith is the confidence we need to hold on to the hope that is in Christ Jesus.

Now faith is lived out. It’s in our walk, our talk, and our conduct. We use our faith, not to wish for a miracle, but to wait for a miracle! We have now faith, not to hang our heads low, but to hold our heads high! Live out your faith friends!

Our faith stands as our witness. Our faith leads our unsaved loved ones to Christ. Our faith keeps us during our trials and tribulations. Our faith knows that the Holy Spirit leads us and guides us in all truth and understanding.

The prayers of our loved ones have brought us a mighty long way but it is our NOW FAITH that we see us all the way through!

Peace and Blessings

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