Many cultures have a resident storyteller. For some, it is the elder of the family. For others, there is an designated individual. But the storyteller gives an oral history for the community, family, tribe, etc. They tell of the good times and of the bad. The history lives on because of the storyteller.

As believers, we should be the storytellers of our family, that assignment has been given to us because we have been redeemed!

“Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy,” Psalm 107:2

The redeemed (that’s us) are the storytellers of our families and of our communities. We can tell of the goodness of the Lord. As the redeemed, we tell of how the Lord, our God, snatched us from the hands of the enemy. As the redeemed, we must tell our loved ones about the faithfulness of God.

Will the redeemed of the Lord say so?!

We must designate ourselves to be the storytellers of our families. Why? Because we must realize that those under us, those with whom we leave our stories, will learn that they too can overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

Friends, this is why we tell the story! The story of our salvation, the story of how we stumbled, and the story of how God brought us through the rough times all point back to God our Savior. He is the Creator of our stories, He is the reason why we tell our stories and He is the sole reason how we were able to overcome. It was our testimony and our declaration that saw us through. The blood of Jesus cements our place as the resident storytellers for our loved ones! We are redeemed because the Lord saved us.

Redeemed, go on ahead and say so! Tell about how the Lord saved you, how the Lord spared us, and how the Lord loves you!

Peace and Blessings

What Do You See?

Which item do you think would gain your attention the quickest? A mountain or a seed? This, naturally, is a rhetoric question as, for most, the mountain would win the war for your eyes. Mountains are majestic in nature and a sight to see. A seed, underdeveloped, is really easy to miss.

We, however, cannot miss the beauty of the seed. Seeds produce fields of grass, beautiful apples, oranges, and peach trees! Seed, when nurtured appropriately, can produce life.

You see, a seed of faith, can produce freed mindsets, debt free families, and freedom from generational curses. A seed of faith can birth ministries and marriages and fill wombs. A seed, has its own glory as well.

It’s easy to become distracted by the mountains in our lives: mountain of debt, mountain of chaos, mountain of sin, and the list goes one. However, consider this: what if you were able to eradicate that mountain with your seed of faith?

The seed has power too! Using that seed can change your life! Believing God with your seed of faith will impact your prayer, your Christian walk, and the words you say! It is the seed that deserves our attention, not the mountain!

When you see a seed, you should see opportunity, life, and growth. When you see a seed, you should see potential and anticipation. The seed of faith will produce a move of God!

Friend, we know the mountain is blocking the view of the seed. We know the mountain is full of wonder and is massive. We know that the mountain appears to be immovable and impossible. But we encourage you to look at the seed, look at the seed of faith you are trying to hold on to and tell us…

What do you see?

Peace and Blessings

A (re)New(ed) Thing…

New life exists in Christ! The day you become saved, it’s the beginning of new life, but it is not the end! Once you become saved, you are starting anew but there is more to come!

Coming to Christ is only the beginning! As a follower of God through Jesus Christ, you are being transformed and renewed! Friend, you won’t remain the same. The Lord, your God, is refreshing you, reviving you, and revealing something new in you each and every day!

As you seek His face, as you pray, and diligently seek out Him and His Word, you making room and developing ground for something new to happen in You! His Word renews! Rejoice, my sister, in your newness and in your renewal! In Christ, your children, your spiritual walk, and your relationship with Christ becomes renewed. Your marriage will experience a refreshing. Your ministry becomes a new thing! He is birthing a new thing in your life! Our Father, the Creator, always produces life.

There is nothing stagnant nor stale about our relationship with God. If it is, that means it is time for some prayer and fasting because we are in need of a renewal. As we intentionally sit as His feet, all things become new and renewed. Revelation tends to birth something new and as we are refreshed, we are being renewed.

We here at Sisters Helping Sisters are doing a new thing! We are excited to post a devotional Mondays through Thursdays until the Lord says otherwise. We pray that it helps you and draws you closer to the Savior.

Behold, our sister, for the Lord is doing a new thing, not only for us but for you! The pressing, the pushing and the pruning will produce new wine in you!

Peace and Blessings

Remember Me!

Have you ever told someone to remember you when they get famous or win a large sum of money? Maybe you said it jokingly but there may have a hint of truth in that statement! Naturally, if someone you loved became famous or got a large windfall of money, you would hope on some level, that you would be remembered!

Nehemiah found himself asking the Lord to remember him throughout scripture. Nehemiah wanted to be remembered for his good work in helping the children of Israel become resettled in their promised land.

Nehemiah wanted to be remembered for good because he understood that his reward was in Heaven. Nehemiah wanted to be remembered for good because he desired to please the Father. Nehemiah knew that the Lord is the ultimate Judge. Nehemiah understood that there was no one who mattered more than the Lord.

Don’t be afraid to call out to the Lord to be remembered. In us reminding the Lord to remember us, this helps us to remember the Lord and His great promises to us! Scriptures are filled with laments and cries out to the Lord to not be forgotten! Don’t be afraid to repeat the promises the Lord has made to you back to Him, this helps us to remember that the Lord is faithful to do what He has promised.

Cry out, “Lord, remember me!” He permits us to be free and open with Him. Shout, “Lord, remember me”, as that draws you closer to Him and that will draw Him nearer to you. He has a cattle on a thousand hills, He is the One who can move mountains, and He is the One who extends blessings. There is no one greater to be remembered by than the Lord, your God!

As you serve and seek Him, be free in crying out, “Lord, remember me!”

Peace and Blessings