Power of Praise…

Music can produce emotions and feelings. Christmas songs tend to either get us into the Christmas spirit. Songs from your childhood tend to invoke feelings of nostalgia. The right worship song will make us a blubbering mess.

Praise and music are often connected. Praise and worship songs. Praise and worship leaders tend to direct the choir or musical ensemble of a church. Praise can be defined also as commendation, being approved, or admired, and a grateful acknowledgement in words or song. We may praise our children and spouses, along with other things, but we tend to use praise to express ourselves to the Lord.

Praise is an act of worship to the Lord, as evidenced multiple times throughout scripture. However, did you also know that praise has power? Let’s look to the Word:

Praise caused the foundations to shake! Imagine what power we would experience in our lives if we opted to praise instead of worry! Imagine the foundations shaking as you make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Imagine if we opted to dance our way through our tears, frustrations, and pains! Imagine the chains falling as you praise the Lord! There is power in your praise!

Friend, displaying our admiration to the Lord will shake the foundations of our very lives! Walls come down as we sing our worship songs. Singing thank you to the Lord helps us move from being ungrateful to thankfulness. Your acts of worship eliminates the worries! Your “holy, holy, holy” sends your cares to the Lord!

Let praise be what you do! The world tells us to cry and weep but do you see what Isaiah tells us? The Lord responded to praise! Your tears matter to the Father but it will be your praise that initiates a response!

Activate the power that is given you by way of the Holy Spirit with a sound of praise!

Peace and Blessings

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