What Do You See?

Which item do you think would gain your attention the quickest? A mountain or a seed? This, naturally, is a rhetoric question as, for most, the mountain would win the war for your eyes. Mountains are majestic in nature and a sight to see. A seed, underdeveloped, is really easy to miss.

We, however, cannot miss the beauty of the seed. Seeds produce fields of grass, beautiful apples, oranges, and peach trees! Seed, when nurtured appropriately, can produce life.

You see, a seed of faith, can produce freed mindsets, debt free families, and freedom from generational curses. A seed of faith can birth ministries and marriages and fill wombs. A seed, has its own glory as well.

It’s easy to become distracted by the mountains in our lives: mountain of debt, mountain of chaos, mountain of sin, and the list goes one. However, consider this: what if you were able to eradicate that mountain with your seed of faith?

The seed has power too! Using that seed can change your life! Believing God with your seed of faith will impact your prayer, your Christian walk, and the words you say! It is the seed that deserves our attention, not the mountain!

When you see a seed, you should see opportunity, life, and growth. When you see a seed, you should see potential and anticipation. The seed of faith will produce a move of God!

Friend, we know the mountain is blocking the view of the seed. We know the mountain is full of wonder and is massive. We know that the mountain appears to be immovable and impossible. But we encourage you to look at the seed, look at the seed of faith you are trying to hold on to and tell us…

What do you see?

Peace and Blessings

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