The Complexity of Love…

I love you. The powerful words…

The world’s version of love says: what can you do for me? The world tell us that we can make love out of wedlock, that love comes with a certain price tag, and that love never makes us cry. That cannot be further from the truth!

For believers of Christ, God is love. Love is service. Love is priceless. And love requires death. The Word of God tells us that love is sacrificial. Love is not self-seeking. Love is patient and kind, it is not rude. Love keeps no record of wrongs. God’s love presents very differently than the world’s version.

The best example of love is found here:

Yes, John 3:16 is everywhere. Maybe it’s tattooed on someone’s arm, on the back of cars, or on the side of a fast food cup. However, we cannot become desensitized to the truth of this amazing action. This is where love is born-not in a slow song, not by Hallmark, or the most expensive ring in Tiffany’s. Jesus’s finished work is love and that love required blood, sweat, and tears.

Friends, much action is required to love one another. Think about all the work it took Jesus to die on the cross for us! Our Savior is the very reason why love is an action word! This is why we must be concerned about what we can do for others, not what they can do for us. Love makes us feel warm and cuddly on the inside but it takes work, hard work. In order to love, we must die to ourselves.

We proclaim that we love the Lord. A powerful question was posed in a fellow blogger’s post: “Lord, what can I do for you?” This is most powerful demonstration of love for our Father. Our willingness to serve Him, our desire to please Him, and our longing to be near to Him gives us the strength to love others.

When we love Him, He fuels us to love others. This, dear friends, is the complexity of love: Without His love, we are incapable of love. We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Peace and Blessings

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