Death to Tradition…

The upcoming Independence Day celebrations are going to look a little different for many people. Some states are still restricting large gatherings. Many areas have canceled fireworks. And many people of color are opting out of celebrating the holiday as July 1776 did not offer freedom for enslaved African Americans. Traditions will take on a new face this holiday and others to come.

Traditions can help us feel some sort of normalcy. When our traditions are disrupted, that can make us feel uneasy. We tend to hold on to traditions, simply because that is what was always done.

However, we must be willing to explore the traditions we hold dear. Is it beneficial? Is it biblical? Is it what God wants us to do? The Word of God echoes that while traditions are permissible, they are not always beneficial.

What traditions of men are you treasuring more than the Word of God? It is the commandment of God that must prevail over traditions! We can not compromise what the Lord says simply because it has always been done that way. Examine your order of service. Examine the way you may feel about those who wear jeans instead of a long dress to church. Examine the way you feel about those who opt out of church. Examine the leadership positions, the celebrations, and the anniversaries.

We must be sure that we are not confusing tradition with the commandment of God. His command comes first and the rest falls second.

Jesus defies tradition by eating with taxpayers and prostitutes. Jesus defies tradition by healing on the Sabbath. Jesus defies tradition by permitting salvation for the gentiles in addition to the children of Israel.

His defiance towards tradition led to our salvation! You were healed, delivered, and set free by the commandment of God and not tradition. So death to tradition as the commandment of God through our Lord Jesus Christ reigns on!

Peace and Blessings

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