The Gift of the Calling…

Do you ever find yourself nervous about losing something? For some of us, we repeatedly check our pockets for our phones, wallets, keys, etc.? For others, it’s deeper and they live in fear of losing their home or job. And most of us are nervous about losing those whom we love.

In the natural, there will be people and things that we end up losing. It’s all temporary anyways. And not that we shouldn’t care for those whom we love or be good stewards over the things entrusted to us. However, we must remember that the gifts of God will last forever and those blessings stretch beyond the natural. God is not a liar and therefore, He does not take back what He’s so graciously provided. The Word tells us so:

Aren’t you thankful that the Lord doesn’t take back what He has so graciously provided? Our past, our choices, or decisions does not affect the fact that we have been called. His gifts are given without repentance.

Therefore, since God does not take back His gifts, we should not be ashamed to use them nor should they be mismanaged. Your gifts and calling are not solely for you. They are here for the lost. The Lord has need of you, my friend. You have been gifted to enhance the kingdom of God. Use your gifts for the Lord. Your calling will lead you and others to Christ.

You have been called by the Lord to do His work. Do not worry about losing your gift of prophecy or the gift of evangelizing. It is yours. But do not allow it to collect dust, you will have to answer for your inaction.

Answer the call. Use the gift. And may God get all of the glory.

Peace and Blessings

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