The Silence of Saturday…

Good Friday: While our Savior is getting beaten, lied on, and crucified, this is all apart of God’s plan. It’s possible to cringe at this horrible day being called “good”, it’s always a good day when the Word of God is alive and active.

Resurrection Sunday: We are excited about the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! When we hear the Word that “He is not here, He is risen!” It makes you want to shout, for sure! To know that the Lord fulfilled His promise is comforting.

What about Saturday? The Word doesn’t tell us much of anything about Saturday. It’s silent.

So you may say to yourself, why are we discussing Easter/Resurrection Sunday in May?! The relevance of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday is year round! We’ve probably had some Good Fridays, we’ve endured trials and tribulations and downright right evil moments. We’ve been lied on, intentionally hurt, and been accused of something we did not do.

Resurrection Sunday is joy-filled, absolutely delight-filled, and exciting! In our faith walk, we’ve rejoiced, we have received the Good News, and we had revelations of God doing exactly what He said He was going to do!

But if we consider hard enough, we can all remember silent Saturdays. Days, months, and years of not hearing God. Perhaps you are in this season, right now. So what do we do in the silence? What do we do when God isn’t saying anything? Let’s look to the scriptures:

In His silence, believe it or not, He is saying something! He is saying be still. He is saying trust Him. He is saying wait. We love to go into our own tool kits and “help God out” but contrary to popular belief, He does not need our help. Even in His silence, He is working.

In His silence, He conquered death, Hell, and the grace. In His silence, He was obtaining the victory. In the silence, He is awaiting for the correct posture of our hearts. He is allowing us to humble ourselves so that we can be in the proper position to receive.

If it’s a season of silent Saturdays, be encouraged! Your Father will do exactly what He said he would do.

Peace and Blessings

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