The Healing Process…

You catch a cold and there is a process that is involved with getting over the cold: rest, plenty of fluids, cold meds, and hot tea. You do this and the body recovers. A similar antidote is recommended for the flu, stomach bug, and allergies. They may involve antibiotics or longer rest periods but the process is about the same. This process builds up your immunity and while you may fall ill again, you have developed the toolkit needed in order to recover stronger and better!

Spiritually, there is a healing process involved when recovering from pain inflicted on ourselves or when others cause us pain. Let’s look to the Gospel:

Humility. Prayer. Seeking the Lord’s face. Turning from our wicked ways. These components are our healing process.

Been abused? Been misused? Been overlooked? Been rejected? Messed up? The Father has revealed your healing process! He’s laid out His perfect plan for your restoration and redemption.

The healing process takes time and requires you to go through as you grow through! Humility, praying, pursuing the Father, and repenting will build up your immunity to the obstacles that will come! The process is preparation.

We can’t promise you that you won’t be rejected again or experience hurt by someone you love. We can’t promise that you won’t be misused again. We can promise that the healing process chronicled by the Father WILL absolutely heal you every time!

Etch His promises to you as you endure the process: He will hear (you) from heaven. He will forgive (your) sins. He will restore your land.

Trust in the process.

Peace and Blessings

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