The Never-ending Mission…

Ministry is service.

Some of us are in children’s ministry, some serve behind a pulpit, others may lead Bible study or teach in other capacities. Ministry is work. Ministry is never-ending work. The fact of the matter is, you are always a minister of the Gospel.

There is an pandemic occurring and the world is in need of the Healer. You are the conduit with your service.

Consider the exhortation from scripture:

Preaching isn’t just about standing behind a pulpit. Being a minister of the Gospel is all about living out God’s Word. Churches are closed but the mandate still stands. Limitations are in place but the mandate still stands.

We must preach the Word in season and out of season. This is where witty ideas and inventions are birthed. How can you minister even in times such as these? This is your never ending mission. Your service does not bow to any pandemic. You do not retire from your ministry. Your work is not done until you are called to rest and await the return of the Savior.

Be prepared to minister the Gospel at all times. Reprove. Exhort. Rebuke. Technology is available. Your next door neighbor needs the Gospel. There is a child in your sphere of influence that needs your ministry. There is an senior citizen who needs the light within you. Your co-workers needs the hope that never disappoints.

Ministry is service, it is your service. It is your never-ending mission.

Peace and Blessings

7 thoughts on “The Never-ending Mission…

  1. Wow. Our “service does not bow down to any pandemic.” What a powerfully vital statement. This post make me see that we have a job to do and it’s our job to finish it off strong in Christ until the day of His return or the time we are breathe our last. But never before then. Awesome. Well said.

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