It’s Not Over…

These certain feel like the end times, businesses are closed, certain states have closed schools until the end of the years, mass unemployment, mass illness, shortage of supplies—no wonder fear is creeping up in folks’ spirits.

Friends, may we fret not! It is not over! Each and every day we wake up and take a breath, we should be reminded that life is not over. After this is all said and done, a new normal will certainly be established, however, it is not over.

We as believers still have a duty and responsibility to minister to the lost. There are still folks out there that are discouraged, despondent, and downright scared. As long as there is breath in our bodies, we must preach the gospel. We must be the light that seems to be dimming quite rapidly.

Lawlessness, the love of many being made cold, wars, rumors of wars, false prophets, are all very present. Plagues, disease, false witnesses and the list goes on.

May we encourage you? Even in the midst of pain, destruction, and confusion, Jesus is present too. And He is greater.

Each time you witness, each time you choose love over hate, every time you opt to be peaceful–the Holy Spirit is demonstrating that He is also here and with us. So continue to do that which you were called to do.

Families can still be restored. The blood of Jesus still works. Ministries can still be birthed. Books still need to be written. Your mission and purpose is still needed.

It is not over, continue doing your good work…

Peace and Blessings

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