The function of an anchor is to hold a ship or boat in place. This prevents the ship from being tossed or destroyed by the winds and waves. Oxford Dictionary states that an anchor can either be temporary or permanent.

What’s anchoring you? Is it temporary or permanent? Are you even anchored? Perhaps as the winds and waves of your life occur, you are tossed, become tattered, and possibly destroyed or broken.

Is your career anchoring you? Is it your family? Is it your friendships or relationships? How about the amount in your bank account? Examine your anchor, honestly and thoroughly. If your anchor can be destroyed, it is temporary. And if it is temporary, it can only bear so much before it also is destroyed.

Consider the permanent anchor offered in the exhortation from Hebrews 6:19…

As believers, we have created with an Anchor for our souls. The hope and reality of Christ withstands any winds or waves that may come our way. He is as permanent as it gets. You will retire from your career. Christ stands. Relationship ends. Christ anchors. Money gets. Christ doesn’t.

Who anchors you? As you consider your options, consider Christ.

Peace and Blessings

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