What’s in your hand?

“The LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” Exodus 4:2

Humans tend to operate from a deficit perspective, always quick to number and identify what is in lack. Mighty Moses, who would go on to lead the children of Israel, was also overly concerned with his perceived deficits. The Lord was not concerned with his lack but with the content of his hands. God will use Moses’ staff to perform one of the greatest miracles chronicled in the Bible.

Consider this perspective, what is in your hand? The same question that the Lord asked Moses, he is asking you! God is very aware of our deficits, our weaknesses, and the items we lack. After all, He is our Creator! However, let’s not be consumed with what we do not have and focus on what we do have. God can use our perceived “little” to do much!

Use what’s in your hands and watch your cup overflow. Use what’s in your hands and split your raging seas. Your desire to write, your passion for teaching, your degree in marketing—all can be tools for the kingdom of God! Your love for crafting can lead others to Christ. Your love for cooking can produce joy.

As you surrender all of who you are to Him, He will establish the work of your hands….

So sis, consider this, what’s in your hands? Now, surrender it to God and watch Him use it for His glory and your good.

Peace and Blessings

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