The Power of Your Witness…

“This will be your opportunity to bear witness.” Luke 21:13

Your triumphs and trials, your ways and words, your speech and stance, your challenges and conquests all bear witness of God’s greatness, power and authority. As believers, it is our job to proclaim to the world how amazing our God is! It’s a privilege that He decides to use us to preach the gospel with our lips and lifestyles.

Do not think it strange when you find yourself in the presence of those in authority, power, and prestige. Do not shrug off the promotion or leadership position. Do not ignore the positioning of your career and your sphere of influence. The world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those whom are connected to you need to learn about the Living God.

They need to see your responsiveness to life’s difficulties. They need to hear you be gentle when it is so easy to be harsh. They need to know you chose love when hate was an option. They need to hear about how you got over.

Your healed scars are a witness of God’s healing power. Your joy is a testament of God’s presence. Your smile is an expression of God’s creativity. The grace you extend bears witness of God’s grace over your life.

He created YOU to bear witness…

This is your opportunity to bear witness…

Peace and Blessings

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