“…I, Deborah arose…” Judges 5:7

Hi friend, do you know that your name can be easily substituted for Deborah? Try it out.

I, _____________ arose.

It’s quite the bold statement when you really think about it. Arising means that you will take action. Arising means answering the call. Arising means 4am prayer sessions and intentional Bible studies. Arising means starting the business. Arising means casting out demonic spirits. Arising means saying no to good things and saying yes to God things. Arising is decreasing so He can increase.

The statement sounds powerful because IT IS powerful. The statement warrants wisdom, leadership, and discernment. The statement involves a charge. It requires boldness and courage. Are you ready to arise?

Will you arise sis? Will you arise for your family, your community, and your loved ones? Will you arise for the generation coming after you? Will you arise to actively proclaim God’s goodness and glory?

Businesses and organizations are waiting for you to rise up. Your children’s children need you to arise. You’ve got what it takes! You answering the call will transforms nations, communities, and families. Do not believe the lies of the enemy, you are good enough, you are graced enough to stand up for God and to be ALL that He’s called you to be.

You don’t need anyone’s permission, you were made to arise, to stand, and to be bold for Christ.

He’s calling out to you, will you arise?

Peace and Blessings

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