His Gift.

Jesus. Grace. Mercy. Forgiveness. His Holy Spirit. Love. Your breath. Your spiritual gift. Your loved ones. Joy. Peace. Patience. Prayer. His Presence. Your life.

We could fill thousands of pages and never touch on all of God’s gifts. In this season of giving, we can miss out on the One True Gift which is Jesus. But we must stay focused, He is the most amazing gift! And because of Him, we have access to all of the above mentioned blessings and more.

The gift of His Unchanging Hand is powerful and mighty. His consistency in a forever changing world offers security. His stability on shaky ground brings us peace. His faithfulness is the reason we have not been consumed.

And thank God that we are not consumed! We absolutely should be! Our salvation is an incredible gift! So thank God for His unchanging hand!

Thank God that He has not changed His mind about your spiritual gift, your ministry, your dream, and your purpose. Thank God that when our hands change all the time, His does not! You cannot be snatched from His hand. Thank God that when this world is rocky, His hands are not!

Thank God for this beautiful gift of His unchanging, steady, and secure hands.

Merry Christmas!

Peace and Blessings