Peace In The Valley…

Mountain top moments offer tons of peace, happiness, joy, and any other exciting adjective one can name. The mountain top offers a view that cannot be found any where else. The mountain top makes you feel so close to God.

How about the valley? Those low moments of life rarely appear to have anything good about them. In the valley, you are just ready for it to be over. The valley is uncomfortable, tiresome, and just downright annoying. However, the peace that’s experienced on the mountaintop and be found in the valley.

Peace exists the valley friends! Do you find yourself experiencing a valley moment? Declare peace! Do you find yourself in a humbling season? Speak peace over your situation! Peace exists as we choose to walk alongside Christ. Hold onto the Lord’s hand and watch Him extend peace in the midst of the storm.

Joy can exist in the valley because of peace. Your view can be clear in the valley because of peace. Strength exists in the valley. Victory exists in the valley.

Press on, friend and our prayer for you is that there may be peace in the valley.

Peace and Blessings

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