Draw nigh…

Nigh. Near. Close.

These directional exhortations from scripture tells believers where to be in proximity to the Lord. If you are wondering why you aren’t hearing from God, if you are wondering why God feels so far away, it may be your positioning.

Position can be from a physical or spiritual perspective. Are you not connected to life-giving relationships? Are you focused on everything else but God? Is your heart far from God? Your positioning is everything.

You want to hear from God, draw nigh. You want to experience God, come close. You want see the work of the Lord, draw near. Your positioning will change your perspective.

Soak in the Word. Surround yourself with life-giving community. Fill your eye-gates, your ear-gates, and your heart-gate, with life and not death. Seek the Lord in prayer. Fast. Draw close to the Lord and He will draw near to you, that’s His promise to you.

Draw nigh to the Lord. He desires you. He wants you. Heed to His desired postioning for your life.

Peace and Blessings

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