The Comfort of the Closet…

Have you ever read this scripture and thought about a million reasons why your actual closet would never work? The million and one things thats in there, the cleaning you would have to do in order to fit into your closet, the size…and the list goes on.

Thank the Lord that He is willing to accept all forms of the closet! Your journal, your alone time in the bathroom, an empty bedroom, your car, the backyard, your office-whatever space that you are able to use in order to spend some alone time with the Lord. The closet is all about intentionality, focus, and submission.

Your closet, whereever that may be, is a place of comfort. A place where you can cry out, scream out, or simply be silent. A place where all those cares that are weighing you down can be cast. A place where you can meet the Lord.

Let your secret place comfort you as you seek the sanctuary of the Lord. Let the strength of your private ministry bear (good) fruit. As you seek the Lord in your secret place, your smile will get bigger, your shout will get louder, and your wisdom will increase exponentially.

Let your closet, whatever and whereever that may be, comfort you.

Peace and Blessings

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