Know Your Limits…

After going for a while, you need a rest right? Most computers usually need to be restarted after a while. Most phones need to be rebooted to work correctly. Most cars need a tune-up.

Everything and everyone has a limit. Eventually, you will need to eat or sleep. Keep going without refueling and you will get weary. You will become disoriented, irritable, and frustrated. You, contrary to popular belief (or your own belief), are not the Energizer Bunny. If you keep going and going, you will crash eventually.

You my friend, amazing and wonderful in all of your ways, was created to be limited. My sister, know your limits. You are not superwoman. And thank God for that! Thank God that you are no one’s Savior. Thank God that the fate of the world does not rest in your hands. Its a weight that you cannot bear, yet you have a Father who is willing to do that for you.

There is only One who is beyond limits, beyond human comprehension, beyond the constraints of time. Seek Him. Lean on Him. He is perfect in your weakness.

You serve a limitless God. He is the only One who can do the impossible. He is the only One who can do exceedingly and abundantly all that you could ask or think. He is the only One who saves.

So rest in His limitlessness and rejoice and boast in your limits.

Peace and Blessings

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