Damaging Distractions…

Is there such a thing as a good distraction? It’s possible. Some distractions causes us to slow down and to be fully present. Other distractions can cause us to enjoy the little things. And it is very possible that some distractions make us pause and appreciate the beauty of God.

As our attention revert eleswhere, we must discern whether a distraction is pulling us closer to God or away from Him.

Is that relationship drawing you to Christ? Does your career cause you to seek God more? Is whatever new assignment you said “yes” to fulfilling your God’s given purpose?

Some distractions can be damaging. Some can delay your assignment. Some can pull you away from God. We must be careful about what gets our attention.

Our gaze must continuously focused on the Father, considering carefully what and who gets our attention (Proverbs 4:25-26). What’s taking us away from the safety of the Father? In this world, we are easily distracted and we must filter that distraction through the lens of the Gospel and our mission.

You have an adversary, just waiting for you to become distracted so that he can destroy that vision, steal your joy, and kill your dreams. Satan never strays from his primary function, be sure njoy to stray from yours. Use wisdom and stay focused.

What distraction have you turned to? Which door should close? Which relationship should end? Which assignment should you end? Fix your gaze on the Lord and He will establish the way for you.

Peace and Blessings

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