Accomplishing the Impossible

We tend to stray away from the impossible as humans. We like to focus on the accomplishments that can be done by our human hands and resources. Perhaps it’s because we consciously or unconsciously want to take all of the credit. Or maybe it’s because our limited and finite minds cannot venture into the impossible. Either way, we tend to tread in safe waters.

And the definition of impossible varies from person to person. For one, the impossible may be traveling the world when you’ve never left your city. For another, it may be starting your own business.

Whatever impossible is for you, be encouraged you to launch out into the deep! Dream BIG! Shoot for the impossible! It is time for you to move away from the shore and to go into that uncomfortable territory.

Venturing out into the impossible strips you of your strength and places the control into the Lord’s hand. And who better to do that than God?! He specializes in the impossible!

God can do exceedingly and abundantly all that we ask! There is absolutely NOTHING that is impossible with God. Are you willing to trust Him with your impossible? Are you willing to dream big for Him?

Say that impossible thing out loud! With fear and trembling, pray that big dream and vision to God. Don’t be discouraged by your past or circumstances. Don’t be limited by your perceived resources.

The Creator of the Universe longs to see the desires of your heart met. He is a good, good Father who will take you by the hand as you launch out into the deep. He is unlimited in His power and He wants you to trust Him with all that you have, even those big plans you have for yourself.

Accomplish the impossible by leaning on the One who overcame the impossible.

Peace and Blessings

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