“The Lord talked to Hagar. She began to use a new name for God. She said to him, “You are ‘God Who Sees Me.’” She said this because she thought, “I see that even in this place God sees me and cares for me!” Genesis 16:13

How many times have you cried out God, asking, “do You see me?!” Or maybe you’ve said, “do You see what they are doing to me?!” Maybe you’ve said, “Lord, do You see these bills? These kids? This crazy jobs?”

Whatever the question, the answer is YES, He sees you! He is El-Roi, the God who sees me. He is all-seeing! And He sees you. Sister, He knows what you are going through. He knows what they are doing to you. Not only does He see, He cares.

We do not serve a distant God who is far off and unsympathetic to our trials. He cares for us deeply and will answer our prayers. He is Our Father, who cares for His children.

God met Hagar in the wilderness as she was running away from Sarah. Hagar, with Sarah’s permission, made a child with Abraham. Downtrodden by Sarah’s treatment, she runs off into the desert to hide away and God meets her there.

He finds her. He sees her. He directs her. He makes promises to her. All in her desert place. (Genesis 16).

Sis, He will do the same for you! God will not stand by and watch His children go through distress alone. Although suffering is guaranteed in this world, so is the promise that God sees and cares for you! Remember His faithfulness. His promises can meet you in your desert place. His direction can find you in your desert place.

So maybe you are “hiding” in your desert place: that toxic relationship, those unhealthy habits, that fearful spirit, the busyness of life or whatever else it may be.

Be bold. Face that rough season. Come out of hiding and trust in El-Roi! He is the God who sees YOU.

Peace and Blessings

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